Microsoft Capstone

I completed this project for my HCDE senior year capstone.


UX Designer

UX Researcher


Jan-Jun 2021


Alli Hishikawa

Vishaka Nirmal

Kailey Terracciano

Avery Wolf



After Effects



the redacted summary

Since this project is under NDA, I’m unfortunately unable to share a ton about what I did on here. The gist of it is that we got to work with some very cool people at Microsoft to design for a mobile AR product under the Microsoft Dynamics 365 ecosystem. If you’d still like to learn more, shoot me an email!

We’re all smiling because this was a breakthrough moment but the journey leading up to this was a struggle.

We somehow made it through capstone and graduated! My incredible capstone team was a core reason I got through my final year, amidst all the Zoom fatigue and doomscrolling.