Hello, I'm Alli.

Welcome! I'm currently leading design at Pathlight as their first product design hire. Previously, I was at Coda as a Product Designer, where I had the opportunity to design and ship a feature that will help the product scale for growth. Before that, I was finishing up my degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering (HCI) at the University of Washington, Seattle.

As a designer, I strive to build products that make people feel understood and empowered. I believe such products are built through thoughtful conversations and intentional collaboration, so I’m most excited about opportunities where I can design in close partnership with others.

My perspective of design has been heavily inspired by The Promise of Empathy, a paper written by Dr. Cynthia Bennett, who was a doctoral student in my department. Through the lens of disability studies, their paper introduced the concept of designing with instead of designing for people. This has since become a practice I hope to incorporate in my own work.

Most recently

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2021 ・ Internship

Product Design @ Coda

Over the summer, I had the opportunity to intern at Coda, a startup focused on building all-in-one docs as powerful as apps.

2021 ・ Student Capstone

UX Design @ Microsoft

For my departmental capstone, I worked on a product designed to equip field service technicians with a better way of working. This was my first exposure to designing for augmented reality (AR); my experience makes me hopeful for a future where immersive technology might be capable of solving some of the world’s more challenging problems.

2021 ・ Internship

UX Design @ ZSuite Technologies

I interned part-time as a UX Designer at a Fintech startup while completing my final year of school. As the only designer in a 25-person company, I led design from research to hand-off for the company’s new product: ZEscrow.

A little more on design . . .

During college, I had the privilege of co-authoring several research papers alongside some incredibly talented folks in HCI. Conducting research in this space forced me to think critically about the relationship between people and technology, making me realize how little is understood about the way technology affects humans. My experience researching has made me more sensitive to the ways in which technology might uphold or dismantle systems that marginalize certain communities and has furthered my desire to design for products that build towards a more equitable world.

2020・ CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

“I Feel Like This is a Bad Thing”: Investigating Disassembly in Action for Novices

2020・ CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems

Opportunities and Challenges in Involving Users in Project-Based HCI Education